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Workshop presentations

11.30am–1.15pm, Monday 31st October: Workshop presentation #1


DRAFT PROGRAM–subject to change

11.30am: 2 x 35 minute presentations

1.A: ROOM 20.LT1

1.B: ROOM 20.LT3

1.C: ROOM 20.LT4

1. Cooper, Tom
Yumi Deadly Centre

Mathematics for Indigenous students: empowering not oppressing

1. Dobrescu, Isabella & Harcourt, Rebecca
University of NSW

Smart Tech and Education Program-Playconomics

1. Sam, Myree & Cole, Antoinette
Catholic Education Services, Cairns

Lan ol numba lo yumpla tok (Learning Numbers in Yumpla Tok)

2. Donovan, Michael
University of Newcastle

“It’s not the subject it’s the teacher!”
What Aboriginal students say about their education

2. Hughes, Amber
University of Newcastle

Aboriginal perspectives on social justice within mathematics education: a Habermasian curriculum reconceptualization


2. Berwick, Cindy & Hall, Michele

Culture, STEM and Aboriginal students

2.30pm–4.15pm, Monday 31st October: Workshop presentation #2

DRAFT PROGRAM–subject to change

2.30pm: 2 x 35 minute presentations

2.A: ROOM 20.LT1

2.B: ROOM  20.LT3

2.C: ROOM  20.LT4

1. Evans, Christine & Wethereld, Anna, NSW BOSTES

Aboriginal And Torres Strait Islander Histories and Cultures and Stage 6 Mathematics Curriculum in NSW

1. Dawson, Jennifer
BHP Billiton

Drivers for STEM investment

1. Wong, Monica & Park, Beverley
Australian Catholic University & La Perouse Primary School

One hour in a journey of a lifetime

2. Miller, Lillian
Catholic Education Services, Cairns

Mandalany: Mathematical Activities which focus on Indigenous Language

2. Sarra, Grace & Alexander, Kim
Yumi Deadly Centre

Purposeful rich Indigenous mathematics education futures

2. Abdilla, Angie and Fitch, Dr. Robert
Australian Centre for Field Robotics & University of Sydney

Indigenous knowledge systems and pattern thinking: analysis of the first Indigenous robotics prototype workshop

3.45pm: What are the messages

11.00am–12.45pm, Tuesday 1st November: Workshop presentation #3

DRAFT PROGRAM–subject to change

11.00am: 2 x 35 minute presentations

3.A: ROOM 20.LT1

3.B: ROOM 20.LT3

3.C: ROOM 20.LT4

1.Collis, David
University of Melbourne

Transitioning to university mathematics: the value of a well-designed transitional mathematics sequence

1. Edmonds-Wathen, Cris
Umea University, Sweden and University of Melbourne

Acquisitions of spatial concepts by Indigenous language speaking children

1. Tranthim-Fryer, Mark & Co-presenter (TBA)
University of SA

Excellence and Equity in Mathematics, STEM and Higher Education: Recent Research And Practice

2. Chizelunwa, Gloria
Yule Brook College

Excellence And Equity At Yule Brook College

2. Thornton, Steve & Skoss, Matt
Australian Academy of Science & AAMT

Valuing inquiry in mathematics education

2. Linkson, Mark
TAFE Queensland North & James Cook Uni

Improving remote delivery of maths education to Indigenous primary pre-service teachers12.15pm: What are the messages


1.45pm–3.30pm, Tuesday 1st November: Workshop presentation #4

DRAFT PROGRAM–subject to change

1:45pm: 2 x 35 minute presentations

4.A: ROOM 20.LT1

4.B: ROOM 20.LT3

4.C: ROOM 20.LT4

1. Whitehead, Banbapuy & McMahon, Kathy
Yirrkala Community School


1. McIntosh, Janine & Booth, Helen
Australian Mathematical Sciences Institute


1. Linkson, Mark
TAFE Queensland North, James Cook University

Contextualising maths teaching for Indigenous primary pre-service teachers


2. Ewing, Jane; Wilson, Lyn; Peris, Kaliopie; Thatcher, Merryn
Sydney Institute TAFE, Petersham, EORA & Ultimo Colleges

The challenges and successes in supporting Aboriginal students to gain & retain jobs in the Electrical Industry

2. Owens, Kay
Charles Sturt University

What do we teach about the history of number

2. McRobie, Fiona
Tenant Creek High School

Maths as storytelling in the middle school: a story from Tennant Creek HS

3pm: What are the messages

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