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Kooriculum: Beyond Terra Nullius

An article written by Dr Chris, Kooriculum: Beyond Terra Nullius

Teaching Culture = Deep Mathematical Learning

Dr Chris Matthews Keynote Presentation - Aboriginal Education Conference, Adelaide, August 2018

Through a cultural lens Dr Chris unpacks the Goompi Model and explores different ways to teach mathematics based on creativity and self expression. 

PM4IS Conference 8-9 March 2019

The Positive Mathematics for Indigenous Students (PM4IS) Conference will be held in Cairns on 8-9 March 2019. 

Keynote Speakers: Dr Chris Matthews and Prof Pauline Taylor-Guy. 

For further details see the conference website.

ATSIMA in 2018

ATSIMA aims to inspire, promote and support improved mathematics outcomes for Indigenous learners. 

ATSIMA vision is 'all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander learners will be successful in mathematics'.

ATSIMA is a non-profit, member based group representing organisations, Communities, associations and individuals across Australia.

What did ATSIMA do in 2018?

  • STEM and STEAM camps in collaboration with NSW AECG and NSW Department of Education - a number of camps were held throughout 2018 with up to 100 students attending each camp, these camps have been a huge success with the students having the opportunity to learn STEM and STEAM subjects through a cultural lens.
  • Bi-annual conference, ATSIMA 2018 was a great success with a focus on developing an Indigenous mathematics curriculum. ATSIMA 2020 is scheduled to be 'on country' North East Arnhem Land, Yirrkala, ATSIMA is working with the organising team from Yirrkala school. A save the date will be released soon.
  • South Australian STEM Congress. The congress is designed and deliverd by a group of Aboriginal students, the congress was attended by around 100 Aboriginal students from yr 5-10 learning about STEM subjects through a cultural lens.
  • South Australian Gifted and Talented project, workshops were run around South Australia.
  • ATSIMA delivered workshops directly with schools throughout the nation.

ATSIMA has been involved in many other things during 2018.

Moving forward to 2019 ATSIMA will be continuing the momentum and work towards achieving ATSIMA vision. 

JOIN with ATSIMA to help continue this momentum. You can do this by becoming a member of ATSIMA. ATSIMA needs support financially to continue this work. If you can work to help achieve ATSIMA vision and  become an ATSIMA sponsor, please contact Melinda Pearson, Business Manager 0414 322 372. 

Connect with ATSIMA on Linkedin

Connect with ATSIMA on Linkedin

David Unaipon 1872 - 1967

Dr Chris urges educators to find out more about David Unaipon the Ngarrindjeri man who is on the Australian $50 note.

Dr Chris says 'This is a simple change that educators can make today, to help have a respectful relationship between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people. Teach students about David Unaipon who revolutioinised the shearing industry that drove the economic development of Australia.'

CAAMA Alice Springs talks with Dr Chris

Listen to Dr Chris Matthews 

"Our knowledge does connect to mathematics": How the understanding of Cultural connectivity is being used to teach maths.

Adelaide Students Discover A New Way to Learn Maths

.... In one classroom maths is being taught in a new and interesting way.

See SBS news article here

Partner with ATSIMA

ATSIMA is looking for innovative partners for a number of initiatives. These include:

  • Developing mathematics and STEM based teaching and learning approaches and resources
  • Rolling out further STEAM camps for students
  • ATSIMA Schools pilot program
  • Development of professional learning programs for teachers that connect and transfer classroom learning to real life contexts and opportunities in business and industry
  • Research that will support education systems, communities and business to make a difference

Join ATSIMA Membership

Join ATSIMA Membership


NATSIEC Conference 2018

Dr Chris Matthews presented at the National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Education Conference (NATSIEC), November 2018.

Teaching Culture = Deep Learning

See the power point presentation here

ATSIMA displayed at the conference to disseminate ATSIMA's important vision 'That all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander learners will be successful in mathematics' and also to advise delegates about ATSIMA 2020 conference 'on country' in Yirrkala, North East Arnhem Land.

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