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ATSIMA 2020 Online Conference Series ‘Nhewaŋana’ ‘Nhe djämamirriyaŋana’
‘You Speak It’ ‘You Create It’ 
We are excited to invite you to participate in our inaugural online conference series, this online conference series will not replace the postponed ATSIMA 2020 conference, instead, it offers a special opportunity for speakers and participants to share their journey so far towards the conference experience planned for 2021.
FIRST SESSION - Tuesday 22nd September 2020

The first session was a great success with Deb Carmichael, who gave us five ways to include checkpoints in our lesson plans in her presentation 'Small Shifts, Big Gains', and Gabrielle Quakawoot, who explored ancient geometry in 'The Art of String Theory'.
Recording of the 1st session can be accessed here.
Deb and Gabrielle's bio's and abstracts can be seen here

SECOND SESSION - Tuesday 27th October 2020
The second session also a Zoom webinar, will be held on Tuesday, 27th October . The session will open at 3:30 pm (AEST) countdown clock, the presentations will begin at 3.45 pm and conclude by 5.15 pm. In this session, we will be hearing from Di Siemon who will talk about realising 'best practice' in (M/m)athematics education, and Nicole Boyd, who will explore two way dialogue on akatyerr (desert raisin) in a female Indigenous middle years’ class: continuing towards cultural inclusivity in mathematics curriculum and pedagogic practice, see bio's and abstracts here.

There will be a short interactive Q&A session following the presentations, and you are encouraged to share early questions during the registration process, as well as through the chat facility during the webinar itself.
Best of all, we have been able to make this first series free for participants! We will also be recording the session, so please register your interest even if you're not sure if you can attend the live session, so we can follow up with you afterward.
Please forward the details of the webinar to colleagues who may be interested.
Zoom Webinar Details:
When: 27th October 2020, 03:45 to 5.15 PM AEDT (Canberra, Melbourne, Sydney) 
Topic: ATSIMA Online Conference - Session 2
THIRD SESSION - Tuesday 17th November 2020 3.30-5.15 pm AEDT

FOURTH SESSION - Tuesday 8th December 2020  3.30-5.15 pm AEDT

Mathematics Through Kinship Systems

Prof. Chris Matthews recently delivered an online presentation for the Aboriginal STEM summit Mathematics Through Kinship Systems. You can access the presentation here.

Articles written for the Teacher Magazine

Prof. Chris Matthews has been writing a series of articles for the Teacher Magazine.

The first article Indigenous perspectives in mathematics education, Chris explores the foundation of mathematics from an Indigenous perspective and discusses the concept of two-ways learning to achieve meaningful education outcomes for Indigenous students.

The second article Indigenous perspectives in maths: Understanding Gurruṯu takes a closer look at Yolŋu mathematics and the interconnected relationships of Gurruṯu.

The third article Mathematics education in North East Arnhem Land shares how mathematics is taught to students at Yirrkala School, North East Arnhem Land with a balance of western and Indigenous knowledge.






To support ATSIMA's vision 'all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander learners will be successful in mathematics' we need your donation. 


ATSIMA is a Public Benevolent Institution (PBI), registered with the Australian Charities and Not-For-Profits Commission (ACNC) and is registered with the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) as having deductible gift recipient (DGR) status. Donations over $2.00 are tax deductible. ATSIMA credentials are published on the ACNC and ATO websites.

ICME15 - July 2024

The Fifteenth International Congress on Mathematics Education (ICME15) will be held in Sydney in July 2024. ATSIMA is part of the collaborative group of organisations that have brought the leading international mathematics education congress to Australian shores. It is the organisers goal to have core themes throughout the Congress including Indigenous mathematics based on work in Australia and New Zealand, and colleagues around the world.

For some initial information you can read the first newsletter.

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