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Adelaide Students Discover A New Way to Learn Maths ... In one classroom maths is being taught in a new and interesting way.

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Dr Chris Matthews keynote address (part 1 & 2) Aboriginal Education Conference, Adelaide, August 2018.

Teaching Culture = Deep Mathematical Learning

Through a cultural lens Dr Chris unpacks the Goompi Model and explores different ways to teach mathematics based on creativity and self expression. 



Changing our mindsets on how we see maths to enable children's curiosity: Dr Chris Matthews

Connect with Maths ~ Quality Teaching and Learning for Indigenous Learners ~ Dr Chris Matthews from Renee Hoareau on Vimeo.

Dr Chris Matthews, Griffith University from Eidos Institute on Vimeo.

In this webinar, A Positive Mathematics Journey, Dr Chris will share some of his story as an Aboriginal student who survived the education system by thriving on mathematics to become an Aboriginal mathematician and gain a Doctorate in Applied Mathematics.

Chris will discuss his thoughts and perception on what mathematics is (or might be) and how mathematics teaching can lead to a positive sense of identity for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders students as learners of mathematics. It will include discussion about how teaching can allow students to relate mathematics to their own reality and what teachers might need to consider when developing responsive mathematics pedagogy.

Connect with Maths: A Positive Mathematics Journey~ webinar from AAMT Inc. on Vimeo.


Dr Chris Matthews - Finding Terra Nullius - A Personal Journey In Mathematics Education - Presentation of the Hanna Neumann Memorial Lecture 2011 at the AAMT-MERGA Conference 2011.

This is a follow up interview with Dr Chris Matthews after the Hanna Neumann Lecture  at the AAMT-MERGA Conference in Alice Springs. 


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