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ATSIMA 2018 Conference


ATSIMA, together with the Wurundjeri people of the Kulin Nation, is excited to announce its 3rd Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Mathematics Alliance conference.

The conference will bring together a collaboration of leaders, educators and stakeholders from Community, education, research, and business sectors around Australia. 

DATE: Tuesday 10th - Friday 13th July 2018

VENUE: RMIT University, Building 80 Swanston Academic Building, 445 Swantston Street, Melbourne.


It’s bigger than you, now... it’s bigger than all of us... it’s the REVOLUTION...

Conference delegates at the 2016 ATSIMA gathering in Wollongong called for a revolution in mathematics education for Indigenous students in Australia and showed their commitment to making this difference by signing their names... and joining the movement...

It is from this place the question was raised ’What would an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander mathematics curriculum look like?’ 

This in turn presented a challenge for delegates to employ even just one strategy in their places and spaces, and to then return with the story of their journey towards ATISMA 2018... to share... to inspire... to rally our mob... to start the Revolution...


  1. A Revolution requires a movement of people that believe in the same vision... and work together towards that vision.
  2. A Revolution requires a strategy... and for the people of that movement to understand this strategy and to see their part in this strategy.
  3. ATSIMA 2018 will be structured to develop this strategy... and allow delegates to see themselves and their work as part of this strategy.
  4. ATISMA 2018 will develop a shared set of goals to be outlined in this strategy.
  5. The ATISMA 2018 strategy will thereafter inform the structure of future conferences where delegates... the movement... can come together, inspire and share their experience... which will inform the next stage of the mathematics education Revolution.

Creating an Indigenous Mathematics Curriculum

ATSIMA 2016 identified the urgent need to develop an Indigenous mathematics curriculum as a step towards supporting Indigenous students’ identity in the teaching and learning of mathematics. This call recognises that education and the curriculum is culturally laden, and that it explicitly and implicitly teaches the values and norms of the Western culture. It is envisaged that an Indigenous mathematics curriculum will be the meeting place of these two knowledge systems, where both are valued and connections are celebrated. To facilitate this discussion, the conference will bring together Indigenous people to discuss Indigenous knowledges and connections with mathematics. The conference delegates will then have an opportunity to work through ideas for the development of an Indigenous mathematics curriculum.          




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ATSIMA is proud to announce that we have had an overwhelming amount of support via sponosrship in 2018 we thank our sponsors for sponsoring this great work and 'Starting the Revolution'. See sponsors for 2018 in the sponsorship tab or listed on the front page of the website.

Conference Committee

Melinda Pearson
Event Management

Dr Chris Matthews

Caty Morris

Jade Kennedy

Renee Hoareau

Mark Rose



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ATSIMA is extremely proud to have the following sponsorship for ATSIMA Conference 2018 'Starting the Revolution'.


RMIT University Melbourne

NSW Aboriginal Education Consultative Group (AECG)

South Australia Department for Education


Australian Government Department of Education and Training 


Victoria State Government Department of Education and Training


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