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Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Mathematics Alliance

Conference 2016

Presentations from ATSIMA Conference 2016 - Value us Value our education Value our future

Cooper, Tom Yumi Deadly Centre
Mathematics for Indigenous students: empowering not oppressing

Dobrescu, Isabella & Harcourt, Rebecca University of NSW
Smart Tech and Education Program-Playconomics

Donovan, Michael University of Newcastle
“It’s not the subject it’s the teacher!”
What Aboriginal students say about their education

Edmonds-Wathen, Cris Umea University, Sweden and University of Melbourne
Acquisitions of spatial concepts by Indigenous language speaking children

Ewing, Jane; Wilson, Lyn; Peris, Kaliopie; Thatcher, Merryn Sydney Institute TAFE, Petersham, EORA & Ultimo Colleges
The challenges and successes in supporting Aboriginal students to gain & retain jobs in the Electrical Industry

Hughes, Amber University of Newcastle
Aboriginal perspectives on social justice within mathematics education: a Habermasian curriculum reconceptualization

Linkson, Mark TAFE Queensland North & James Cook Uni
Improving remote delivery of maths education to Indigenous primary pre-service teachers12.15pm: What are the messages

McIntosh, Janine & Booth, Helen Australian Mathematical Sciences Institute

Miller, Lillian Catholic Education Services, Cairns
Mandalany: Mathematical Activities which focus on Indigenous Language

Owens, Kay Charles Sturt University
What do we teach about the history of number

Sam, Myree & Cole, Antoinette Catholic Education Services, Cairns
Lan ol numba lo yumpla tok (Learning Numbers in Yumpla Tok)

Thornton, Steve & Skoss, Matt Australian Academy of Science & AAMT
Valuing inquiry in mathematics education

Tranthim-Fryer, Mark University of SA
Excellence and Equity in Mathematics, STEM and Higher Education: Recent Research And Practice


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