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The Chair of ATSIMA, Prof. Chris Matthews invites you to support and participate in the 4th Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Mathematics Alliance (ATSIMA) National Conference. 

This conference will be the first mathematics education conference held in a Yolngu Community. It will provide delegates the opportunity to be immersed in a Yolngu Community, in Yolngu Language and Culture and explore the teaching and learning of mathematics that values our cultures.

Delegates will also have the opportunity to learn and collaborate with others around the ATSIMA vision ‘All Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander learners will be successful in mathematics.’ ATSIMA previous conferences estabilshed the need to have a revolution in mathematics education to improve educational outcomes for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander learners. The theme for ATSIMA 2020 Nhe Waŋana Nhe Djämamirriyaŋa Speak It You Create It furthers the idea of a revolution in education. Nhe Waŋana - Speak it, refers to the importance of valuing all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander languages in education. A need for a bilingual education where Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander learners have the opportunity to learn in their language throughout the education journey. All languages incapsulate important concepts about the world, Nhe Djämamirriyaŋana - You create it, is about understanding these important concepts, their relationship to mathematics and how we can create a future together.

The conference will be shaped by the philosophies that have underpined the development of Garma Mathematics at Yirrkala Community School and, through this structure, we will explore what it means to understand mathematics from Yolŋu perspectives, including other Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander perspectives, and Western perpsectives. From moving through these different cultural landscapes we will build stronger connections and work together to reshape Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander education in mathematics.

Be part of this exciting event!

Prof. Chris Matthews


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Government of South Australia Department for Education

University of Technology Sydney



NOW OPEN - opened 6/11/19, click here to register


  1. General Presentations
    Abstracts are due on Friday 1 May 2020. 
  2. Conference papers are preferred prior to the conference but can be submitted by  Friday 28 August 2020


Second Announcement
released 6/11/19


First Announcement
released 24/9/19


Registration is now open click here to register for ATSIMA 2020.

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'Nhe Waŋana' 'Nhe Djämamirriyaŋa'
'Speak It' 'You Create It'

Monday 27th to Wednesday 29th July 2020

Please note change of dates of conference now concluding afternoon Wednesday 29th July not Thursday 30th July due to availabilities of flights out of Nhulunbuy on the 30th July 2020.

Please note: GARMA Festival of Traditional Cultures begins Friday 31 July 2020 to Monday 3 August 2020

Yirrkala Community,
North East Arnhem Land, NT 

The conference will bring together a collaboration of leaders, educators and stakeholders from community, education, research, and business sectors around Australia. 


Accommodation is limited - see details here.

Walkabout Lodge Nhulunbuy

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