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ATSIMA16 Conference

ATSIMA Conference 2016

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Monday 31 October–Wednesday 2 November 2016

ATSIMA, along with the Aboriginal Communities of the Dharawal and Yuin peoples of the Illawarra and South East Coast, is excited to announce  its second Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Mathematics Alliance conference.

The conference will bring together a collaboration of leaders, educators and stakeholders from Community, education, research, and business sectors around Australia.

Conference focus

The main focus for ATSIMA 2016 is Quality Learning and Teaching in mathematics for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander learners: one of the main outcomes from ATSIMA 2014 conference. The by-line Value us Value our education Value our future encapsulates the core principles behind quality learning and teaching. At the heart of these principles is the notion of meaningful relationships.

ATSIMA is committed to facilitate the development of relationships between Community, Education and Business sectors. As highlighted in ATSIMA 2014, we need to move beyond the pipeline mentality of separate sectors waiting for the next cohort to a new paradigm of meaningful relationships between all sectors: an ecosystem of relationships. ATSIMA 2016 will explore what quality teaching and learning means under this new paradigm.

Conference themes

The conference will have three main parts with each part being themed by Value us, Value our education and Value our future.  

Value us will privilege the voice of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people from across Australia especially the Dharawal and Yuin peoples of the Illawarra and South East Coast: the land the conference is held on. We will hear about education from an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander perspective and their relationship with the education system. We would like to encourage Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander principals, teachers and teacher aides and their colleagues to discuss what they perceive to be quality learning and teaching in mathematics for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander learners. Submit an abstract or research paper

Value our education will have to types of presentations: 1) a showcase of practices and 2) research presentations. The showcase of practice is specifically geared towards teachers demonstrating pedagogy in mathematics that has a significant impact on learning outcomes in mathematics. The research presentations will focus on the current research projects and major projects that aim to improve educational outcomes from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander learners in mathematics. We would particularly value presentations that demonstrate meaningful relationships between:

  • Community and teachers
  • teachers and Indigenous education workers
  • teachers and researchers

Note that these are not excluding criteria but abstracts will be assessed on a case-by-case basis. Submit an abstract or research paper

Value our future: For this part of the conference, we would encourage business to present on their employment programs and how they are connecting with Communities and the education sector to create employment pathways. We would also encourage Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Communities to present their vision for the future and explore how this fits with current employment pathways and education. This will be the start of creating meaningful relationships across the three sectors. Submit an abstract or research paper 

Be part of this exciting event!

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Social media

There are three ways you can participate and contribute to this conference online:

  1. We are using GoSoapBox to provide you with a space for your thoughts, ideas, suggestions and comments about the key messages and emerging themes from the keynote, major and workshop presentations. Your words will also be used to inform the conference outcomes and a statement for ways forward.

    To access: download the app: and put in the access code provided at the start of the conference handbook. If you are a scribe for the workshop presentations, you can also use this tool (or paper and pen) to enter the information for the What are the messages session.

  2. Follow us for updates during the conference: @atsima16.Use #atsima16 for tweeting during the conference and to join the conversation.

  3. Go to:

    Like our facebook page to make sure you are up to date with what’s going on during the day, for links to resources and materials, and more.

Join us

Be part of this important conversation at the  University of Wollongong and Sandon Point Tent Embassy which will build on the ATSIMA14 Creating Connections & Growing Understanding conference priorities and 5 ways forward:

  1. Culture and identity
  2. Leadership
  3. Transition
  4. Investment
  5. Quality teaching

Quality teaching and learning lie at the heart of education and opportunity for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children, young people and adults. Mathematics opens doors to career, life and community innovation and advancement. 

It is critical that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and communities are able to participate and contribute in Australia’s STEM agenda if they want to. Community, education and business all have a responsibility to provide the right education, ecosystems of support, and opportunities to make this a reality. 

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