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Nerang maths and culture camp

This video was put together through the AAMT Make it count project by Kargun Fogarty. It shows how mathematics identity and cultural identity can work together in learning.

Nerang Maths and Culture Camp from Make it Count on Vimeo.

Count to 10 in Gomeroi

Want to learn how to count to 10 in Gomeroi? Let the students from Moree East Public School in NSW teach you!

Count to 10 in Gomeroi from BE Films on Vimeo.

Make it count: Maths and Indigenous learners

Make It Count (AAMT resource) is for educators working with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander learners in mathematics education. It is a teaching and learning resource, and a professional learning tool.

Make It Count is about a way of thinking – and a way of doing.

It offers pathways, possibilities and ideas for schools and professional learning communities to make their own inroads and innovations into improving mathematics and numeracy learning outcomes of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander learners.

[xe]: Excellence & Equity in Maths project

ATSIMA is supporting the [xe] project, a partnership between the University of South Australia and the Australian Association of Mathematics Teachers through the Australian Maths and Science Partnerships Program (AMSPP).

The three-year national project aims to foster mathematics excellence and equity in schooling and tertiary education choices for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students. The project will support classroom practice in maths, and build upon Indigenous student attainment at school into successful tertiary study pathways.

Indigenous weather knowledge

From the Bureau of Meteorology: "Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people have lived in Australia for at least 50 000 years, with recent evidence suggesting far earlier human occupation of the Australian continent.  Aboriginal people developed unique methods of living which enabled life and community to flourish in even the harshest environments and have allowed the sustained development of the world's oldest continuing culture."
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