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Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Mathematics Alliance

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To achieve the ATSIMA vision 'all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander learners will be successful in mathematics', ATSIMA need Indigenous and non-Indigenous people, in all facets of education, working together in a respectful relationship, learning from each other. ATSIMA need an education system that values Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture and teaches mathematics from a cultural perspective. Only then can ATSIMA develop an education that provides a deep understanding of mathematics for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander learners.

Join with ATSIMA to work together in achieving the ATSIMA vision. Membership with ATSIMA will give members exclusive access to online resources, professional development and networking opportunities with an alliance of people who have the same vision. 

There is no fee to join ATSIMA currently. ATSIMA is working on a membership structure and further information will be available soon.

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