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Day of STEM

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ATSIMA recently launched a new partnership with Day of STEM, a national initiative designed to raise awareness about the importance of STEM capabilities and improve Australia's 'National IQ' for STEM education pathways. The Day of STEM virtual platform, powered by LifeJourney, is a self-guided and self-paced online experience that allows student to explore different STEM careers through a range of industry professional.

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Response to The Australian 13/3/14: 'Indigenous culture in maths nonsense'

Dear Editor,
I would like to applaud Mr Warren Mundine and the Prime Minister’s Indigenous Council for ensuring that Indigenous Culture and Language is an integral part of the Australian Curriculum (Patricia Karvelas, “Warren Mundine: indigenous culture in maths nonsense”, 13/3); however, I disagree with the assertion that Indigenous perspectives should not be included in the maths and science curriculum since maths and science has no cultural basis.

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ATSIMA task group meets

ATSIMA's deadly task force met for the first time on 10 April 2015 in Brisbane to discuss feedback from our 2014 conference and to further develop strategies to improving learning (and hence employment) opportunties for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students.
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Blueprint for change

The Australian Association of Mathematics Teachers conducted symposiums around Australia during 2013 to gain support for the Blueprint developed from the Make it count project and Special Interest Conference in 2012. There was a clear commitment for change and support for the creation of an alliance.

Click on the image below to view the symposium presentation:

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