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Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Mathematics Alliance

ATSIMA in 2018

ATSIMA aims to inspire, promote and support improved mathematics outcomes for Indigenous learners. 

ATSIMA vision is 'all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander learners will be successful in mathematics'.

ATSIMA is a non-profit, member based group representing organisations, Communities, associations and individuals across Australia.

What did ATSIMA do in 2018?

  • STEM and STEAM camps in collaboration with NSW AECG and NSW Department of Education - a number of camps were held throughout 2018 with up to 100 students attending each camp, these camps have been a huge success with the students having the opportunity to learn STEM and STEAM subjects through a cultural lens.
  • Bi-annual conference, ATSIMA 2018 was a great success with a focus on developing an Indigenous mathematics curriculum. ATSIMA 2020 is scheduled to be 'on country' North East Arnhem Land, Yirrkala, ATSIMA is working with the organising team from Yirrkala school. A save the date will be released soon.
  • South Australian STEM Congress. The congress is designed and deliverd by a group of Aboriginal students, the congress was attended by around 100 Aboriginal students from yr 5-10 learning about STEM subjects through a cultural lens.
  • South Australian Gifted and Talented project, workshops were run around South Australia.
  • ATSIMA delivered workshops directly with schools throughout the nation.

ATSIMA has been involved in many other things during 2018.

Moving forward to 2019 ATSIMA will be continuing the momentum and work towards achieving ATSIMA vision. 

JOIN with ATSIMA to help continue this momentum. You can do this by becoming a member of ATSIMA. ATSIMA needs support financially to continue this work. If you can work to help achieve ATSIMA vision and  become an ATSIMA sponsor, please contact Melinda Pearson, Business Manager 0414 322 372. 

ATSIMA 2018 Conference

The 2018 ATSIMA Conference 'Starting the Revolution' was a fantastic 4 days which facilitated the discussion and brought together Indigenous and non-Indigenous educators to discuss Indigenous knowledges and connections with mathematics.

The conference delegates worked through ideas for the development of an Indigenous mathematics curriculum.   

Please see an outline of the emerging themes that will form a basis for an Indigenous mathematics curriculum/pedagogy.

Feedback from ATSIMA 2018 Conference

'I've come to multiple ATSIMA conferences, and it's absolutely crucial to my maths teaching to have this connection with the wider network.'

'Trust our students, believe in them - they are capable of great things.'

'I felt honored to listen to Aboriginal people and their visions for the future.'

'To understand Indigenous perspectives, I need to hear articulate speakers, and the conference certainly provided that opportunity.'



The signed canvas which you see as the background of this website is a very important part of ATSIMA history. 

Conference delegates at the 2016 ATSIMA conference in Wollongong called for a revolution in mathematics education for Indigenous learners in Australia and showed their commitment to making this difference by signing their names and joining the movement...

The 2018 Conference 'Starting the Revolution' facilitated the movement, bringing together Indigenous people to discuss knowledges and connections with mathematics. The conference delegates worked through ideas for the development of an Indigenous mathematics curriculm.

Click here to see more about the development of an Indigenous mathematics curriculum.

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