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Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Mathematics Alliance

ATSIMA 2018 Presentations

Presentations from ATSIMA Conference 2018 - Starting the Revolution

Keynote 1
Hunter Dr Cass
Reality Checking of Numbers - Packaging Information for Indigneous Leaders

Keynote 2
Kennedy Jade
Indigenising STEM Curriculum: An Example from Yuin Country

Keynote 3
Price Dr Kaye
How did we get to where we are?

Major Presentation
Ganambarr-Stubbs Merrkiyawuy, Ganambarr Whitehead Banbapuy, Yunupingu Yalmay
Aboriginal Philosophy and Mathematics Garma Mathematics: Understanding Guurutu

Assis Michael, Donovan Michael - University of Newcastle and The Wollotuka Institute, University of Newcastle
Storigami: Using Narrative and Math’s to embed an Indigenous Perspective

Blue Dr Levon - Queensland University of Technology
Financial Literacy Education Practices: Moving Towards a Praxis Approach

Boyd Nicole - Office of Education, Research Faculty of Education, Queensland University of Technology
Two Way Dialogue on Akatyerr (Desert Raisin) in a Female Indigenous Middle Years’ Class: Towards Cultural
Inclusivity in Mathematics Curriculum and Pedagogic Practice

Bridges Warren and Berwick Cindy - NSW Aboriginal Education Consultative Group
The Effectiveness of STEM Camps for Aboriginal Students in NSW

Cawte Bryce, Blackwell Tamia andTuffnell Sam - Woodville High School
Aboriginal Students: Powerful Learners and Leaders in Mathematics

Collis Dr David - University of Melbourne
Creating a High Expectations Learning Context for Univeristy-Level Mathematics

Hoareau Renee - LifeJourney International
Day of STEM and Mathematics: Driving Innovation, Technology and Careers of the Future

Kennedy Jade & Dr Juliana Kaya Prpic - University of Wollongong, University of Melbourne
Integrating Indigenous Knowledges into University Cuuricula

King Jesse - CSIRO
Inquiry for Indigenous Science Students (I2S2): A National Program at a Local Level

Klinkert Michael and Fowler Marina - ASIC’s Money Smart
Knowing Growing Showing

Fogarty Kargun - Guwamu and Mununjali Language Group
Corroboree Equations

Murphy Julie and Fielding Alison - Elizabeth Vale Primary School, SA
From Potential to High Achievement - The Barriers for High Ability Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Students in Low Socio-Economic Status (SES) Schools

Osborn Judy-anne, Assis Michael, Donovan Michael - University of Newcastle
Building Alliances Between Mathematics Departments and Indigenous Departments in a University Setting

Pratt Zoe and  Harris Cheryl - Port Lincoln Primary School/ High School
Aboriginal Students: Powerful Learners and Leaders in Mathematics

Sambono Joe and Morris Dr Caty  - Australian Curriculum, Assessment and reporting Authority (ACARA)
Telling the Truth: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Histories and Cultures in The Australian Curriculum: Science

Sarra Associate Professor Grace & Stuetz Dr Alexander - Yumi Deadly Centre
Prime Futures School Change: Embedding Indigenous Perspectives

Spithill James & Skelton Fiona - Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER)
Mathematics Achievement by Indigenous Children: LSIC and PAT Maths

Simone-Dreise Nicole and Chapman Lynn -North Coast Region Department of Education and Training
Murri Maths: Connecting to Country

Turnbull Martine - Renmark Primary School
Aboriginal Students: Powerful Learners and Leaders in Mathematics

Westcott Tim - Code Club Australia
Bridging Digital Technologies and Indigenous Education in Schools

White Esther - Evidenced Based Education Resources Inc. (Maths Australia)
Transforming Maths for Indigenous Students Through CRA Methodology of Maths Instructions

Whitney-Smith Rachel and Morris Dr Caty -
Australian Curriculum, Assessment and reporting Authority (ACARA)
A 21st Century Mathematics Curriculum


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