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Program Overview

Program Overview

ATSIMA 2018 Program is now available. If you have any queries, please contact Melinda at or phone 0414 322 372.

About the workshop presentations

Workshop presentations will consist of 2 x 35-minute presentations. 

Each presenter will have 30 minutes for their input followed by a few minutes after each input for clarification only—participants will be able to follow up later for more details or to discuss the work with the presenter.

The sessions will be chaired by official delegates. The session chairperson will be strict on enforcing time limits.

After the 2 x presentations, the audience will spend 30 minutes identifying and distilling the critical messages from the presenters’ work.

These messages will go towards the preparation of research-informed, practice-driven framework of advice and directions for Communities, schools, educational authorities, researchers and business.

It is expected that the presenters will not be present for this discussion. This is to enable a focus on the essence of the work rather than spending time interacting with the presenters to gain more understanding of the work. Presenters will be able to get together elsewhere to debrief.

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