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Working through and with Community

Working through and with Community to support schools to improve mathematics learning. For example:

  • identifying maths and numeracy in Community knowledge and knowledge frameworks and using these to teach Australian Curriculum Mathematics
  • workshops with parents connecting parent maths with school maths
  • maths through story telling

Developing partnerships for collaboration and innovation

ATSIMA continues to develop relationships between Community, education (including research) and business. ATSIMA is supported by an increasing number of businesses across Australia and is further developing relationships between the three sectors including through our conferences.

These partnerships are vital to developing ecosystems of support for students and to the development of responsive and transformational teaching and learning that will equip Indigenous learners for the 21 century.

ATSIMA can support communities, schools and business in developing localised partnerships to improve learning and career opportunities for Indigenous learners.

Why should community, business and education work together? What are the benefits?

See discussion paper (PDF 2.6MB) Mathematics and Indigenous learners: Why community, business and education together must make a difference.

Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics

STEM career camps for Indigenous students

See the NITV article for NSW 2015 camp at Dubbo.

Professional learning for educators

Professional learning for educators in mathematics education for Indigenous students. This might be:

  • Strategies, lessons and ideas to use in the classroom next day eg:
    • Interactive numeracies: Maths situations in everyday Indigenous family and community life
    • Maths through storytelling
    • 5 ways forward to improving maths outcomes for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students
  • A deeper investigation of the above through a series of inquiry-based workshops
  • Workshops designed specifically for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander support staff and other staff supporting students

A word about professional learning for teachers

All types of PL are important for teachers. However, the more teachers working in layer 3, the more chance you have of making a real difference to learning outcomes.

Layers of professional learning

Layer 1 - the outside layer: professional learning that looks for ideas to teach the next day

Layer 2 - the middle layer: professional learning programs that offer packages

Layer 3 - at the core: professional learning that is about deep pedagogic change or shift, changes a teacher’s thinking.

Professional learning for leaders

Leadership eLearning and face-to-face support

  • strengthen your leadership skills at the intersection of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander education and mathematics education
  • aligned to the Australian Professional Standard for Principals

Contact us for leadership framework:

Professional learning communities

Support for professional learning communities who want to develop mathematics pedagogy for Aboriginal students that is culturally, socially and academically responsive includes:

  • mathematics pedagogy for Aboriginal students that is culturally, socially and academically responsive
  • ongoing support as a critical friend
  • evidence based research or inquiry approach

Contact us

For further information about any of these opportunities or to discuss customising options specific to your Community, school or professional learning community, please contact us

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