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ATSIMA invites submissions from representatives from community, education and business sectors. There are two main submission processes 
for the two types of presentations:

  1. General presentations

  2. Research presentations
All presentations are in 2 x 30 minute blocks. In the first block, each presenter will have 25 minutes to present their work with 5 minutes for questions from the audience. Each block is followed by a 30 minute 'What are the messages' session. For this session, the presenter will be ask to leave the room while the audience reflects on the presentation and distills the main points from the presentation. The outcome of the 'What are the messages' session will inform the conference report. 
1. General presentations
General presentations can be given by any of the three main sectors: Community, education and business. The presentations can be narrative/story telling in nature and where possible have evidence that supports your story and your view on quality learning and teaching for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students. General presentation category will also include the teaching practice sessions where educators can demonstrate particular pedagogy that has the potential to improve the educational outcomes for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students. We encourage presenters to not only demonstrate pedagogy but also discuss the theory/idea that sits behind the lesson. Note that all levels of education are welcome to present innovative pedagogy.
For general presentations, the minimum expectation is an abstract (maximum 200 words) that summarises your presentation. An abstract template is provided here. We encourage presentations that specifically explore the range of issues around quality teaching and learning in mathematics education for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander learners.
We would also like to encourage participants who are giving general presentations to write a conference paper on the presentation as per the template. Conference papers written in this category will be included in the conference proceedings as a non-refereed conference paper and will be considered for inclusion in a special edition of a journal as a non-refereed paper.
2. Research presentations
Research presentations are aimed at researchers from Universities and other research institutes. Research presenters will be expected to complete a conference paper by the deadline below and will undergo a double blind refereeing process.
The maximum length of a research conference paper is 6 pages (including references) and needs to comply with the template below. All research conference papers will be included in the proceedings and, after the conference, authors will be approached to extend their paper for a special edition in a refereed journal.


  1. General Presentations
    Abstracts are due on Friday 1 May 2020. Early abstracts will be reviewed as they are received. It is preferred that conference papers are received prior to the conference, however if required they can be submitted by Friday 28 August 2020.

  2. Research presentations
    conference papers are due on Friday 28 August 2020.
Please send your submission to the Conference Secretariat at
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